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Here at BRC Learning our bespoke offering is crafted with a profound understanding that pivotal change within the key areas of D&I, Sustainability and Digital, begins with individuals.

of BRC Learning leadership graduates would recommend our programmes to their colleagues.  

Through our ecosystem of talented partners, we meticulously design our bespoke programmes around three key components:

Leader of Self

Leaders who have mastered self-leadership which means they are in charge of how they develop their future. These leaders are conscious, adaptable, and entrepreneurially minded. 
Leader of People

Leaders who adapt strategies to external impacts and confidently lead their teams and organisations through periods of change. Tackling issues in the industry today and in the future. 
Leader of Industry

Leaders who are aware of the major issues impacting the industry and thrive on challenging the norm. They are ready for what's thrown at them and have the knowledge and skills to combat this. 

Sustainability E-Learning

The Position Green E-learning program is one of our newest and most effective products in it's field. Position Green specialises in all things sustainability, so they are an excellent choice for upskilling your workforce.
true place

Business Simulator

TruePlace not only delivers bespoke projects to our retail customers using their custom business simulator, but we also use it to support our BRC Summer School Leadership programme. This one's a winner!
Cambridge spark

Skills Bootcamps & Corporate Training on Data

We trust Cambridge Spark to upskill our retail customers with their expertise in all things data. They have implemented data training for C-suite executives and cohorts in skilled bootcamps for that fast-tracked learning.

Master Negotiation with Kahvay

Negotiation training that transforms your career in retail. Control how you think, feel and behave. With a proven x10 Return on Investment, it’s hardly surprising this programme has a +80 Net Promoter Score.

Transforming the Retail Industry

Our narrative seamlessly weaves into our broader BRC community. This emphasises that learning is not a mere add-on but a transformative force within the organisation. We believe that by fostering a better understanding of oneself, influence, and the external context, individuals in the retail sector can play a pivotal role in driving greater initiatives around:

Moving the needle faster towards Net Zero by educating people about how their roles and functions contribute to the greater cause
Promoting an inclusive retail industry, alongside the D&I Charter, by creating a conscious mindset in work environments

How is your learning built?

We hear what you need
Since every human is different, so is our approach to learning. We understand that it's not a 'one size fits all' and this is truly at the heart of our bespoke approach to learning. It's customised to you, your budget and your needs.

We test your assumptions
We'll challenge you around what you need and what you want to ensure that we're finding the perfect solution. 

We collaborate with you to shape the right solution
By drawing on our leadership development expertise and the expertise of our expert partners, we can create the best solution for you.

We support you in project managing

We can help to co-deliver
We understand that you may want us to simply develop your learning solution and then hand over the reigns but, we are very well versed in delivering high-quality sessions so we are happy to support if this is too much for you to do on your own.