Mar 2 / Rob Sutton, Trueplace Consulting

How does it really feel to be a CEO?

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to develop your strategic thinking, leadership, and teamwork skills? Look no further than Boardroom Manager!

Boardroom Manager is a business simulation game that puts participants in the role of the board of directors for a company in its early stages of development. Through a series of interdependent business decisions, teams aim to build the value of their business over several "business years" while balancing financial, environmental, and social performance measures according to a pre-set formula.

To make informed decisions, participants receive a realistic set of reports that put their analytical and strategic thinking skills to the test. Each team works together to agree on a business strategy and deploys it at a tactical level for the upcoming business year.

What makes Boardroom Manager even more engaging and realistic is that it takes place in a dynamic and competitive market. Teams compete against each other "live" as they attempt to build value in their business. As the business years unfold, teams not only consider what is best for their own business but also what competitors are likely to do next and how to respond to emerging threats.

Boardroom Manager is an excellent tool for anyone looking to develop skills that will be vital for future career success. By providing a challenging, engaging, and realistic environment, participants can deploy the knowledge they have learned throughout their careers, helping to build analytical and strategic thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills.
Boardroom Manager, run by True Place Consulting, plays an important part within the BRC Summer School. This is referred to as the simulator challenge which is a group activity that acts as the final project to bring together the learning. Click here to find out more about BRC Summer School.