Masterclass Series

Developing industry leaders to thrive, today and in the future.


Developed and delivered by trusted experts who work with some of the largest retailers in the industry. 


Walk away with a live blueprint, tailored to your organisation, and skills that you can implement immediately within your role. 


Collaborate with diverse retailers tackling similar issues in teams.


Experience interactive sessions with filled with resources and team collaboration on real-life issues.

Why did we create the Masterclass Series?

In the ever-evolving landscape of our industry, success hinges on our leaders' skills and ability.

To drive our organisations forward, we must develop leaders with multifaceted skill sets, adept at tackling complex problems, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and setting ambitious goals.

The foundation of our approach is curiosity, cultivating an atmosphere of open-mindedness, which helps us address new challenges head-on.

This is why we created the 'Masterclass Series', which focus on developing leaders on niche but highly impactful topics.

Sustainability Masterclass

Developing and Delivering Your Strategy

Programme Details

Member £1500
Non-Member £1800

What's Included in the Content?

Through guest speaker presentations, case study examples and group activities, this interactive 2-day workshop will help you demystify core sustainability concepts, gain a practical understanding of environmental impact management and work collectively to agree best practices in sustainability strategy and reporting.
This two-day programme will provide you with an extensive run-through of the main concepts in sustainability integration, tailored to the retail industry. While identifying how sustainable your organisation is on the maturity curve, you will be guided by expert facilitators to learn where to start and how to utilise key drivers such as values and brand alignment to lead your business beyond regulatory compliance towards value creation.
Whether it be working through a target-setting process in strategy development or discussing the challenges of data collection and handling in reporting, this hands-on course will give you and your organisation the tools to engage in sustainability transformation. 

Who is this Masterclass For?

You're experiencing:

Difficulty in identifying and prioritising key issues due to competing interests or perspectives within the organisation.
Misalignment of goals and priorities between different departments or organisations; a feeling across departments of 'that doesn't involve me’.
Setting unrealistic or overly vague goals that are difficult to measure or achieve.
Fear of failure or repercussions for proposing unconventional solutions.
Difficulty of distinguishing between successful past strategies and outdated or ineffective ones.

D&I Masterclass

D&I for Senior Leaders: Maximising Reward, Reducing Risk

Programme Details

Member £1200
Non-Member £1500

What's Included in the Content?

Our one-day masterclass is designed specifically for the retail and consumer industries in collaboration with RPC, award-winning diversity and inclusion experts. For senior leaders seeking to drive progress on diversity and inclusion within their business area or the wider business, this masterclass is designed exclusively for them.

We will provide you with the knowledge and tools to help create and embed a more inclusive culture within your teams and departments. Which in turn, maximises business benefits and mitigates potential risks along the way. The masterclass includes a drop-in clinic where you can meet our experts and discuss your ideas in a confidential, open-minded, one-to-one setting to drive change where it's needed - from the top down.

This interactive workshop will help you: Through guest speakers from other retailers, where you can learn from those who have excelled within this area, and group activities:

  • Creating and embedding an inclusive culture within your organisation so that you can maximise the benefits of having a diverse workforce
  • Be aware of change risks and navigate them effectively: Get it right the first time
  • Discover the latest D&I trends and hear best-practice case studies from retail and beyond
  • Sense-check your thinking in a safe, confidential environment with experts

Who's it For?

This Masterclass is aimed at senior and executive leaders within retail who aren't leading internally on D&I but do have an internal responsibility for creating and embedding a diverse and inclusive culture within their teams and are eager to stay current with the latest thinking.
This is the most effective solution for you if you are experiencing the following:

  • Conflicting interests or perspectives within the organisation, making it difficult to identify key D&I priorities. 
  •  Inconsistent approaches to D&I across the business leading to disengagement
  • A lack of ownership and understanding on the importance of creating an inclusive culture, leading to examples of exclusion
  • Setting unrealistic or vague goals that are not intentional resulting in them being difficult to measure or accomplish.
  • Fear of failure or backlash for saying the "wrong thing" when trying to do the "right thing".
  • Difficulty discerning between outdated practices and what are the must haves that will embed inclusivity and diversity.

Get the best strategy in place for your company and the planet. 

Stephen King

ESG Manager | All Saints
I relished transitioning from the grand scope (planet systems) to the intricate details (sustainability strategies implementation). The facilitators were truly inspiring, igniting a desire to dive into work right away. 

Rachael Cleary

Senior Sustainability Officer | Sue Ryder
An impactful, creative two days, igniting momentum for our charity's sustainability plan and vision. In charity retail, this masterclass has fostered crucial connections with fellow retail professionals, emphasising that we're not alone on our sustainability journey. 

Peter Casterton

Senior Legal Manager | Dreams LTD
The BRC ESG and Sustainability Masterclass provided essential structure to a rapidly evolving, intricate field, often daunting for newcomers. Project Green delivered not only clarity but a pragmatic approach, enriched by enlightening guest speakers. An outstanding and enlightening experience.-