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 Join 592 BRC Learning graduates as they become the exceptional retail leaders they were meant to be

Solutions For Everyone

Business owners, HR representatives, or motivated individuals looking to spark transformation– it’s a win-win for everyone.
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Motivated Individuals

Show your employees you care about individual development as a way to reach company objectives. 

 Leadership development for your exact level of experience
 Valuable knowledge from top retail experts
 Thought-provoking debates
 Hands-on practical learning
 Learn & implement retail specific skills    
 Build a network of like minded professionals
 BRC Learning accreditation

Retail Organisations and Businesses

You have a burning desire to represent your organisation and impact your career. 

 Stay current with BRC trade association information
 Access to insights & opinions from seasoned industry experts
 Become aware of the future challenges facing retail
 Custom designed programmes for your individual company needs
 BRC Learning accreditation
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Positively Impacting the Retail Industry Since 2019

The BRC, a British trade association for retail businesses, creating change by providing access to leadership and retail-specific skill development

BRC Learning organises these thought-provoking opportunities in order to give up-to-date information and key insights from
industry experts.

Our Community 

Because the best in retail want real results. Over 96 companies worldwide look to BRC Learning for leadership training and professional skill development.

BRC Learning leadership graduates would recommend our programmes to their colleagues.  

Developing your leaders. Investing in the success of tomorrow.  

Lorraine Simpson

BRC Summer School | Perfume Shop
Sometimes in this busy world you need to refocus on yourself to ensure you are bringing your best self to work to support others. BRC delivered this, having time to learn, reflect and network with inspirational leaders has been incredibly supportive to me on my journey. 

Jane Johnson

BRC Summer School | Wickes
It's never too late to learn, adapt and grow. The journey never ends, this course is only the beginning. I am the right person.

Natalie Anson

Retail Masters | Signet Jewelers
The 4-day Retail Masters course completely exceeded my expectations. The days were jam packed with data & insight, inspiring speakers, all of which were experts in their field, and a incredibly supportive and interesting group of delegates from all spectrums of the retail industry. It is rare as senior leaders that we get time out of the day to day to learn, challenge and develop and this course allowed us to do it all. Amazing!

Engineering Exceptional Learning Opportunities