We have a range of open and fully bespoke learning programmes and work across the sector from data apprenticeships to executive leadership. Find out more about all the programmes we offer.
Delivering key retail skills to drive performance
BRC Accredited programmes to support retailers
Custom built programmes to support retailers


We have used our heritage from OSS Retail, which was acquired by the BRC in 2019, to build modern, blended learning experiences providing the delegates with the skills, confidence and networking opportunities they need to drive their own performance and that of their teams and businesses. We now run the previous Foundation and Academy as the BRC Leaders' Summer School, and the Masters programme as the BRC Retail Masters. Join us for superb learning and networking opportunities delivered by the industry leaders, for the industry leaders.
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A selection of programmes focused on developing key skills such as impactful negotiation and understanding of customer data and needs to drive Return on Investment. Our specialist programmes are formed of both open and closed cohort options and include apprenticeships, masterclasses and customisable solutions. 
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We offer range of data and leadership apprenticeships through out accredited delivery partners. 
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Our bespoke programmes are scoped, designed and delivered in partnership with your organisation. If you are looking for a bespoke solution for your company then we can offer an initial discovery meeting to see if our expertise and experience are a good fit for the learning solution your business needs. To book a discovery meeting, please click the link below.  
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