We work with some of the most revered industry experts and specialists, bringing a variety of experience and the highest quality content to our programmes.

Cambridge Spark

Founded in 2016 to tackle the global data science skills shortage, Cambridge Spark delivers customer-focused development programmes that are built on their proprietary online learning platform, EDUKATE.AI. They work with leading multinational employers to upskill their workforces, with our online programmes being delivered to learners globally, including in London, New York and Hong Kong. We work with CS on Data Apprenticeships, and other data education focused programmes.

Internal Consulting Group

Internal Consulting Group is a general management consulting firm that specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses reach their full potential by focusing on personnel performance, operational efficiency, and structural organization. Their unique internal approach to assessing organizations enables us to uncover and resolve issues that typically go undiscovered by management and traditional consulting approaches. We are working with ICG on the Customer Needs and UCX programmes.


Kahvay are specialist in negotiation skills and was founded by Giles Morgan in 2016. Giles has worked with some of the world’s leading brands, training and consulting with hundreds of professionals in the art and science of negotiation. Tom Morgan joined as co-founder in 2018, bringing with him 20+ years of digital product and operational experience. We work with Kahvay on the Master Negotiator programme for retailers.


More2 is a B2B and B2C data analytics consultancy for SME retailers providing a unique combination of customer-centric marketing campaign optimization, data-driven sales and marketing advice and strategic insight and planning delivered by experienced client strategy consultants and underpinned by executional capabilities. We work with more2 on customer metrics focused programmes.


Part of what makes TCfIL unique is that they don’t do one off training, they do inclusion maturity journeys to match the unique fingerprint. of the businesses they work with.  They believe that now more than ever, people want to be confident that they are connected in relationships and can participate in groups in ways that give them meaning, security, and positive prospects. In short, they want to feel included. Any business that depends on the discretionary efforts of people needs to excel at managing inclusion.

The People Experience Hub

The People Experience Hub is a flexible employee feedback and survey platform that provides everything you need to deliver an outstanding people experience. We work with TPEH on the People Analytics for HR Leaders programme.

Truth Sayers

TruthSayers are pioneers in commercialising neuro methods and tools in the workplace, with over 20 years of experience. They are the very first Neurotech® company on the planet. Their unique, ground breaking technology is the only platform that takes advances in neuroscience and makes them applicable and available to your company. We work with TruthSayers on our inclusion programmes.

True Place Consulting

True Place is a strategic learning consultancy with expertise in creative thinking and communication. We work with True Place Consulting on our BRC Executive Challenge Programme and Storytelling Workshops.


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