BRC Learning have teamed up with The People Experience Hub, experts in People Analytics solutions and employee engagement to create a retail specific programme, and help HR Leaders use People Analytics data effectively to drive commercial results.
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Programme details
  • BRC Contact: Lauren Chexal
  • Start Date: Various
  • Delivery: Online & In-Person
  • Duration: 4 Workshops
  • Price(from): Contact Us
  • Bespoke Options: Y
The programme comprises three modules:
1. The Fundamentals
This module objective is to build the awareness of People Analytics in your organisation. You will analyse your current situation, receive help to build a roadmap for progress, and the business case for better data and maturity models
By the end of this module;
  • You will have a clear documentation showing the maturity of your People Analytics and what you should expect right now
  • You will be able to articulate why HR reporting is important and how this fits with other areas of your business, how this supports better people and commercial decision making and what you need to do next
  • You will start influencing people in your organisation by having a clear understanding of where you need to be

2. Transitioning to Insights
This module prepares you to deliver to analytics, reporting and move to insights. You will see what good data foundations look like, assign roles around data in your teams and ways to support them, and move to understanding the needs of your stakeholders and clients.
By the end of this module:
  • You will have a map of your systems and where your data sits, where bottlenecks for data occur and where/why data errors are most likely to happen
  • You will have a guide to the roles in People Analytics and be able to assign roles and clear expectations within your team
  • You will have a guide to use data to tell your organisation's people story and helping your consumers of data do the same
  • You will have a better understanding of compliance reporting such as Gender Pay, Ethnic Pay and CEO Pay Gap reporting

3. Delivering The Future
This module will teach you how to tell your story through powerful data visualisations, analyse and approach large data sets with confidence and understand the scientific jargon attached to data analytics.

By the end of this module:
  • You will have a clear takeaway on what you can do next to enable your team, break down barriers and be confident with numbers
  • You will know how to present data visually to tell a story and influence others
  • You will have guidance on how to keep reviewing your maturity model to see if you are progressing and where you want to be
programme overview
The programme is designed for HR Leaders to provide insights into current issues and guide the decision-making. Whilst covering principles of People Analytics, HR Reporting and Insights, the programme allows leaders to analyse their current situation, understand the barriers to progress, and enables to build a comprehensive reporting processes and narratives from HR data.

Delivered via our online learning platform with 4 tutor lead webinars and the option of a 1 to 1 consultation call. You can learn at your own pace with additional video content and online materials.


Lauren Chexal

BRC LEarning
Lauren works with our partner The People Experience Hub to shape and support the delivery of the programme. 


The People Experience Hub

The people experience hub
The People Experience Hub is a flexible employee feedback and survey platform that provides everything you need to deliver an outstanding people experience. We work with TPEH on the People Analytics for HR Leaders programme.