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The BRC Retail Masters is a valuable week which will challenge your thinking and provide industry leading insights. Through the BRC Masters I gained a much deeper understanding of the retail sector, it's challenges and how to respond. The week was incredibly valuable and will help me in the future.

Chris Dawes | The Very Group
What a fantastic week! I have learned so much from the team and from the guest speakers. The programme helps broaden your thinking on the wider issues we face across our retail sector and allows you time to reflect and think about how you can influence and put into practice some of your learning back into your business.
Graham Wren | Central England Co-op
I have never been on a development programme with people who have so much varied retail experience. It's been amazing to listen to senior retail figures outside of my retail field and hearing them speak candidly about their career progression and what they think the future of retail holds.

Chloe Howe | Wickes